Find your b spot with Benefit


We all know Benefit as purveyors of pretty make-up in dinky packaging, but up until now they haven't really being doing much in the way of producing Scints. So I was a tad surprised to hear that there's a shiny new fragrace en route to join their "classic" - or "only" - eau de toilette Maybe Baby.

b spot (nope, that's not a typo) is the name of the new offering, and according to Benefit it's a provocative, sexy, steamy frangrance, with notes of mango, peony, sandalwood, and amber, to be dabbed on your most seductive b spots to devastating effect. Helpfully, there's a "sexy body map" on the back of the box to help you find said b spots.

That's pulse points to you and I, by the way, so absolutely no use leaving it around the house for your fella to find...


Buy online from where $38 gets you a 50ml bottle.

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