Foundation Brush Fix at MAC

It's no secret that I'm a fan of MAC. I'm an even bigger fan of MAC in the US, where their products cost half nuttin'.

So, despite the fact that I already own 2 foundation brushes and a myriad of cosmetic sponges, my poor Visa was pressed into service once again in Noo Yawk* when I discovered that their #187 Duo Fibre Stippling brush would set me back a comparatively mere $41 - that's about €29. The self-same brush in Ireland costs €43.50. Pah!

MAC seem to market this as a powder brush, but I'm getting brilliant results with a fluid foundation and eagle eyed readers will no doubt have noticed that this is the foundation brush de rigueur among MAC staff. Quite aside from the fact that it was a [relative] bargain, it's absolutely flippin' brilliant. It distributes my foundation perfectly evenly, doesn't leave any nasty brush marks and makes me look all polished and airbrushed. I just use it to roughly stipple my foundation on and then buff it out in little circular motions. My one complaint is that its shape means that it's difficult to work accurately around the contours of the nose and mouth, but that's a minor detail and otherwise I am totally in love!


* Will stop going on about that trip soon, promise

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