Barbara Daly for Tesco 'Goodbye Yellow' nail varnish

This is one of those products that crops up every now and again on must-have, just-can't-live-without lists and something I've wanted to try for ages but just never got round to buying.

That's what happens when your local grocery emporium is a Super Valu.

Happily, we did our last Big Shop in a Tesco so I was able to sneak this in among the brocolli and the the Bird's Eye waffles where it posed as a totally legitimate joint account purchase.

It's a clear polish that can be used alone or as a base coat, and it does make nails look pink and healthy and tips do appear whitened. Now don't go thinking that this is a miracle cure for discolouration; it disguises rather than does away with yella hues. Also, I made the mistake one day of layering on a few coats and ended up looking frostbitten rather than fabilis, courtesy of its bluish undertones - the nail varnish works by reacting with UV light so if you head into an establishment that uses lightbulbs from that end of the spectrum you will end up with glowing nails.


Nonetheless, you really can't go far wrong with something that gives you groomed but still natural looking nails for a fiver!

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