For Men Only - The Grooming Rooms

grooming rooms

We talked about Irish men and their attitude to beauty salons/spas/treatments recently and came to the conclusion that while some of them quite like the odd spot of pampering, many of them are averse to even crossing the threshold of a salon.

Salon treatments do seem to be aimed at women for the most part, but now that there is a new salon just for men open in Dublin city centre, perhaps the tide will turn. Located on South William Street, The Grooming Rooms offers a tantalising mix of barbering, massage and other treatments and also sells a number of desirable skin and haircare lines. So the menfolk of Dublin can now get a haircut and hot-towel shave, followed by an Indian head massage, and pick up some Elemis or Korres goodies to take home on the way out, with no fear of the place being overrun by women.


If any men who have already tried The Grooming Rooms are reading, let us know how you liked it!

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