Rate it: Cold weather skin-savers

We're not really used to these extended periods of cold dry weather here in Ireland, are we? Usually a cold snap of a few days is followed by milder, damper weather. Which, while not particularly enjoyable in many ways, is kinder to our skin. The last few weeks have been so cold and dry, however, that I've noticed my skin feeling much dryer and tighter than usual and moving from cold, dry air outside to warm, centrally-heated air inside doesn't help much either.


The main miracle worker for my skin at the moment is Liz Earle Superskin moisturiser - it's rich and creamy and packed with super moisturising and protective ingredients. I'm also using gentle cleansers, like Ren cleansing milk for sensitive skin, so as not to treat my skin too harshly and dehydrate it any further. If you're feeling the effects of winter on your skin, what are you using to battle the elements? Tell us in a comment below!

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