Five a Day: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer

I sometimes think that if all did was to announce new foundations and mascaras you lot would be just as happy - after all, they're both true holy grail makeup items and every post we do about either product, no matter the brand, always attracts loads of comment and chat.

That firmly in mind, I thought yiz would be interested to see what's incoming from Bourjois in the base department. In February, Healthy Mix foundation, €15.99 and concealer, €9.99, will land on stands.

So, what's the deal? There's a long-wear claim (16 hours, with eight hours moisturisation) but the big selling point here is that the formula is enriched with fruit ingredients. Apricot ensures brightness, ginger's for tone, apple is an antioxidant and melon helps keep moisture in. Phew!


The brand is also one which aims to cater for pale-ys like us Irishhers and there are lots of shades on offer, eight to be precise, with three in the concealer options too.

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