3 ways to give your hair volume when it's looking flat as hell

Hair can make or break your day in terms of confidence. When it's looking good, we feel good. When it's flat... you feel flat. So let's not let that happen!

Flat hair woes aren't exactly up there in terms of critical issues such as world peace, or politics, we know that. But, on a personal level a bad hair day can dent your confidence. And no one wants that. It's the same type of thing as when you get a break out or cold sore in the run up to a big event. It's not going to have mass impact on the world at large, but it's put a spanner in the works for you.

Flat hair can happen for any number of reasons. You might have slept on it in a funny way, had it tied up (you might want to try these ideas) or maybe didn't have time to wash it that morning. Whatever the cause, here are three ways to give your hair back its volume when it's looking flat as hell.


Dry Shampoo

Ah, where would we be without this classic hair hero? Dry shampoo is the saviour of lank and flat hair. But there is more than one way to use it. My top tip is to spray the roots just after you've finished blow drying it. This helps to give volume but also absorbs oils at the root so your style will last for longer.


If you didn't do that trick, and are now faced with flat hair, another tip is to spray the roots, brush your hair and then give it a quick blast with the hair dryer. This helps to avoid powdery looking hair and also disperses the product through it to help lift and volumize.

Sea Salt Spray

If you're rocking a bit of a bed head look, why not turn it into a textured 'do instead? Sea Salt sprays are good for absorbing oils but will also help to give a slight wave to hair too. Simply spritz, shake and go. And if it isn't behaving how you'd like, turn it into a texture ponytail look instead.

Texture Powders

For flat hair that doesn't respond to dry shampoo alone, the next step is the use a texture powder. These are like concentrated doses of dry shampoo (so remember, a little goes a long way). There are lots on the market from budget to luxury, but the application is basically the same. Dust the roots and then rub the powder in with your finger tips. By doing this, you'll instantly feel that your hair has more grip and texture.


To give even more volume, dust the roots and then backcomb a little - the powder will help to hold the backcombing in place for the day.

Do you use theses methods too? Or do you have different tips for giving hair back its volume?

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