Is hair powder is the secret weapon to bigger, better hair?

Hair powder may or may not already be part of your regular routine. For those who have used it, you'll know what it can do. For those who haven't, you can thank us later!

Hair powder is a bit of a wonder product in the pro beauty world. But is it the secret to longer lasting styles, and bigger better hair? The answer is yes. In our never-ending quest for fuller, healthy, more voluminous locks we've tried a lot of different products, and this is the one we always come back to. But what is hair powder, and how does it work?



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What is it?

Essentially, hair powder is like a super concentrated version of dry shampoo. But rather than being a spray, it's in powder form. What that means is when you're working with it, a little goes a long way. The majority of powders come in a salt shaker style, which can be a little confusing to get used to at first. & Other Stories have one out at the moment that has a pump action though, which is easier to use.


Hair powder is a little like dry shampoo as we mentioned. But isn't designed to soak up oil, so shouldn't be used a substitute for dry shampoo (especially on fringes, trust us on that!). But if you use dry shampoo as a styling aid to help thicken hair, (or give it some grip) then you'll probably love using hair powder.

How to use it

There are a few different ways to use hair powder. The traditional way is to help keep volume and height in roots. To do this, part your hair into sections, lightly tap the powder into roots and then backcomb. The powder will help the backcombing to stay put so your style will hold for longer.

Ever wondered how to get that lovely wispy, textured look to your ponytail? Hair Powder. The trick with this is to tie your ponytail as normal. Then, curl sections of it. Next, add the powder into the base of the pony, lightly backcomb it and voila! You have a fuller, fashion-forward ponytail.


Have you ever used hair powder? Would you try it now?

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