Flushed cheeks is the fresh new trend you've got to try

Flushed cheeks are one of the top trends to come out of Fashion Week this season. Here are our top tips for giving your skin an extra healthy glow.

Flushed cheeks are back on trend according to the runways of New York, Milan, London and Paris. The easy-to-achieve look is one of our favourites here at Beaut HQ not only because it gives skin a healthy glow and perks up a natural style makeup, but also because it doesn't require too much in the way of technical skills to perfect it.

We all need a quick makeup trick to keep up our sleeve for when time is of the essence. And this is definitely it. Think early morning, makeup-on-the-Dart style easiness.  Five-minute makeup? Yes, please.

The Trend

You might be thinking, haven't we seen the flushed cheeks trend before? Like... last winter? Well, yes. Flushed cheeks are often an AW trend, but this season there's a little twist. Instead of rosy pink tones, this time peach is in the spotlight. This is particularly good news for anyone with a traditionally Celtic complexion (or those worried about high colouring). Because as a rule, peach is a much easier shade to wear than pink but still gives skin warmth and colour.


How to wear it

The look as such was referred to as a 'Riviera Glow' a lot by makeup artists, somewhere between a bronzer and blusher. With softer tones such as peach or soft apricot, you don't have to be as precise with application. Experiment a little, see what suits your face shape. For some people, wearing it a little higher on cheeks can create a lift. For others, peach blush blended across the apples of cheeks to give a slightly sun-kissed glow will work better.

Do you like this new trend? Would you wear it?

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