For the Love of God, Help me Name my Tweezers

Inspired by the tweezer thread over in the forums, and now in possession of a camera that'll capture images that you can actually SEE, I hatched a plan.

Years ago, I bought the tweezers above in what was then Roches on Henry street. It is the best set I have ever owned (yes, even better than Tweezerman): perfectly sprung, it has razor-sharp, super-angled tips and despite being dropped on tiled floors far too many times to mention, has never blunted or decreased in its almost magical abilities to search out and destroy even the teeniest of hairs.

There's just one problem.


I have no idea what the brand is. Zero. Zilch. I've Googled, I've hunted high and low across continents (literally) and have never seen one the same again. I don't recognise the brand, and in fact have never been able to make it out - it could be upside down in the pic for all I know. Sometimes I think it reads 'Men', sometimes 'Noul', depending on which way I'm holding it.

So here's where you lot come in: does anyone recognise it? Can any of you wonderous Beaut.ies enlighten me as to what my tweezers are? Leave a comment if you know, please - because boy oh boy, do I want a back-up.

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