From Lip Balm to Lancôme: World's Fastest Selling Beauty Products. Whaddaya Mean One is Sold Every TEN Seconds?

Every wondered what the world's most favourite beauty products are? If you're up on your brands, you probably won't be surprised to see YSL Touche Eclat feature among this list, I think I've gone through one or two in my time, but what will come as startling news is that a tube of this magic is sold not every few minutes but every 10 seconds.



Yep, people go positively bananas for it, which is great news for YSL.

What's even MORE surprising, however, is that Carmex, you know the stuff that smells a bit funny but works wonders on dried, chapped lips, ranks even higher on this list. Not one, but 2.3 tubs of this lip balm is sold EVERY SECOND. Is this because it's always positioned just as you reach the cash desk in almost every shop?

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Who are all these people with exceptionally dry lips? We'd have thought Vaseline would have been a firm favourite among those with thirsty lips but no, Carmex takes the biscuit.

Compiled by the stat wizards from Feel Unique , you'll find some interesting figures below on the world's fastest selling beauty products. And some of them are a bit surprising.


Nars have long been hailed for their 'Orgasm' blush which promises to give you that healthy glow and one of these are sold every 26.7 seconds worldwide.

And it turns out that the UK have gone hairspray mad, purchasing a bottle of Loréal Paris Elnett hairspray every 2.5 seconds. That's a lot of fumes.


Every 30 seconds, a bottle of Chanel's most famous perfume, and obviously the world's most favourite - Chanel No.5 - is sold. Well, maybe hiring Brad Pitt wasn't a bad idea after all, eh? I actually think it smells like grannies, but each to their own.


I always thought Benefit's They're Real mascara would be among the world's favourites, but turns out, it's Maybelline that tickles most people's fancy, particularly in the US where their Great Lash mascara is sold every 1.3 seconds.


In terms of the rest of the world, it's Lancôme's Hypnôse Mascara that we're dousing our lashes in, with one wand being sold every 20 seconds around the globe.

The art of bronzing and highlighting will always remain a staple of our make-up application. While Nars have the blusher sorted, it's Bobbi Brown who are leading the pack when it comes to adding some shimmer to our cheekbones. One palette of their shimmer brick is sold every 7 minutes worldwide.


As for looking after our locks, there's one product that the world collectively jumps on: Kerastase Masquintense. How any of us still have split ends is beyond me, considering these tubs are sold at a rate of one every 30 seconds the world over.


But sadly for Kerastase, they've got some competition in the shape of Nuxe Huile Pordigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. Every SIX seconds we're buying one of these.

Lastly, we turn our head to tanning. While so many new brands will come along with seriously impressive tanning solutions, there's still only one brand that boasts the most loyal following: Saint Tropez. We feel for the world's bedsheets when considering the fact that a bottle of this is sold every 15 seconds worldwide.


Are you surprised by anything listed above? Do you think there are products here that are NOT deserving of such success? Share your thoughts! And you can check out some of Feel Unique's info graphic below.

feelunique-cult-beauty via Feel Unique

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