Battle of the Full Coverage Concealer: The €21 version v the €2 wonder

Full coverage concealer is a must have in anyone's makeup kit, no matter what skin type you usually have

I love a good full coverage concealer; it's a must for any makeup bag. It's useful for an array of different things: when an unexpected spot pops up; to clean up and perfect a red lip; and for an eyeshadow base to keep the colour true to itself either under the brow bone or on the lid. The one full coverage concealer I never live without is MAC Studio Finish Concealer (€21).

This concealer is full in coverage and literally covers everything, from roaring red blemishes to any discolouration. It's always an eyeshadow base for me, and despite the price point you really get value for money as it lasts so long.

If the €21 price tag is just too much out of budget for a full coverage concealer than you will be delighted with this look-and-doalike.



Penny's P.S... My Perfect Colour Cream Concealer €2

The full coverage natural matte finish concealer is almost identical to that of the MAC version. The texture is not as dry so it is a bit easier to work with but still providing that full coverage.

I used it as a quick base under my brow bone and it proved to be the perfect base to blend my eyeshadow out seamlessly. I for one am a convert.


Eyeshadow blended over P.S... concealer

What are your thoughts? Would you make the switch?

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