Gentlemen Prefer Brondes: Blake Lively's Got New Huurrr

Blake Lively, known for her glossy blonde locks, has gone 'Bronde.' That's her new term for warm ash blonde... or maybe even a little auburn? Although "Bred" doesn't sound as good as "Bronde"... Anyway, she showed off her new do while sitting on a wooden bridge, enjoying nature - as Brondes do.

The below came captioned with "...Brondes have more fun #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo"

Hubby Ryan, meanwhile, has finally addressed the time the internet at large chastised him for carrying Baby James incorrectly. Cast your minds back to Father's Day, when the below photo was met with a universal chorus of "ARGH, CAN YOUR BABY EVEN BREATHE?!"


Speaking on the Today Show yesterday, he admitted: "The baby is not properly secured in the vessel that I’m wearing there. I'm a first-time dad and that is not the first mistake I've made and I can guarantee it won't be the last."

What mistakes have you made with a baby? Luckily I got to practise on my nephews; highlights include failing to strap one in to his car seat... infant calamities aside, any thoughts on Blake's new Bronde hair?

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