Get Bent With Avon (not really)

avonOhh have you all seen the ad on the telly for Avon's fancy-schmancy new mascara?

It's called Uplifting Mascara and it's got a magic extendy-bendy brush that you can eh, bend and extend into the angle of your choice. Meaning, ladies, no more unattended hard to get at lashes. Yay!

They reckon this'll give up to '100% more lift and no clumps or smudges!' As with all Avon products, you can't buy in shops due to their direct selling policy. But worry not, because on the site there's functionality to allow you to request that a representative near you gets in touch.


(I know the first question will be 'how much is this?' and I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any price info, unfortunately)

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