Get So Divine With Make Up For Ever

so divine

We had a good auld chat about makeup removing products the other day, and lots of people named their favourites - Boots Expert sparked much debate - but my eye was drawn to MissC's advice about cold cream. "I've started using Pond’s Cold Cream the past few months and find it fab", she enthused, adding that as it's oil based, she finds it great for heavy-duty removal. "Wonderfully fresh if ya take it off with a warm facecloth", she reveals.

I'm with her - there's something very retro and old-skool glam about cold cream - seriously! Stay with me here - remember when you were a kid and you'd watch your mum smoothing unguents and potions onto her face? Well, that's a real cold-cream vibe, if you ask me. It takes time to use properly, so you have to pay proper attention to your skin, and God knows, we all love a bit of pampering, eh?

I like Make Up For Ever's So Divine cream a lot. Well named, it also smells delicious and is particularly great for dry skins because it'll moisturise as it cleanses. Yum! Use it with tissues or with a hot face cloth like MissC, it's equally as nice.


Buy from Make Up For Ever on Dublin's Clarendon Street; Health Express Pharmacy, Scotch Hall, Drogheda; Health Express Pharmacy, Whitewater, Newbridge, or from FACE 2 Makeup Boutique, Waterloo Road D4.

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