Tutorial: Soft smoky eye for a balmy summer night out

Sometimes, summer calls for neon pink lips and blue mascara and glitter in your eyebrows. Those times are festivals or hen parties. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Summer brings out the cool and breezy side of people (oxymoronic, I know. Although maybe not so much in Ireland) and that generally means a tone down of the aul makeup. The full on eye look is just a bit out of place amongst all the flower children and tans.

Obviously, not everyone can get away with a splash of gloss and a slick of mascara, and there are occasions that call for a more 'done' look. Here's how to get a beautiful smokey eye that can stand its own without a full face of makeup. A splash of gloss is optional.


What's your go-to going out look during the summer?


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