Get your skin glowing with Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant

I know I’m not the only fan of Trilogy skincare around these parts, so as I scrubbed my face with their Gentle Facial Exfoliant, €24.95, the other day, it occurred to me that it was time I shared my love of it with

Lynnie gave us the lowdown on exfoliating recently, and while it can benefit all skin types, sensitive skin like mine can be a bit fussy when it comes to scrubs. Too harsh and they sting my skin, leaving it red and dry, while the gentler types often don’t seem very effective or can clog pores if they contain heavy oils.

With their Gentle Facial Exfoliant, however, Trilogy have managed to get the balance right. Camellia oil and Jojoba wax spheres gently buff away dead skin cells, while botanical oils such as rosehip, macadamia nut, evening primrose and sweet almond oil nourish it, leaving skin soft, smooth and glowing.


The creamy base means this scrub spreads easily and evenly on the skin, but rinses clean without leaving my skin feeling dry and the exfoliating particles hit just the right balance of effective and comfortable on the skin. A small amount goes a long way, so you'll get plenty of scrubbing action from one tube too.

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