Getting Blissed Out in Limerick

brown thomas limerick

For gals in Munster, the week so far has been pretty good. The rugby boys brought home the Heineken Cup, and now I have some news that's going to add a smile to many a Limerick Lady's face.

You know that cold, lonely spot in BTs, girls? The sad, lonely space left empty by the sad demise of Pout? Well - can exclusively reveal the new incumbent - and we think you're going to be very pleased indeed.

From mid-July, wonderous, amazing brand bliss will be taking up residence at Brown Thomas Limerick! But that's not the end of the bounty - nope, in addition to being able to purchase their gorgeous treats, you're also going to be treated to a new quickbliss beauty bar, where the quickbliss beauty team will be on-scene, offering expert eyebrow arching, fast waxing, mini-oxygen facials and doctor-developed face peels (the kind that you can actually recreate in your own home).


And there's still more: Exclusively available at BT Limerick will be the - and oh Jesus, am I excited about this - the Triple Oxygen Treatment, bliss' most popular all-around complexion reviver which includes intensive cleansing, exfoliating, a fruit acid wash, a pre-extraction oxygen wrap, the necessary extractions, a calming oxygen and milk mask, hydrating enzyme pack, and vitaminized oxygen spray.

SHRIEK! No one else in the country has this - you guys are going to be the first!

I know it's 6 weeks or so away yet - but all that means is if you start saving your pennies now, you'll be able to go mad when the counter launches. And of course, we'll be bringing you updates as to the precise date, so keep checking in.

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