Getting the Brush Off with Mason Pearson

mason pearsonWe've been taking loads about hair recently, and we've neglected one of the most important and useful hair tools there is thus far. That's all about to be rectified now though!

You can use all the products in the world, but if you don't have good brushes, you'll find it really hard to create the styles you want. And like everything else in the whole wide world, really good pro brushes cost money.

One of the best brush ranges out there is Mason Pearson. HQhair have a great selection of their brushes, lovingly made by hand since 1885 and built to last. They're the originators of the rubber cushion pad and bristle brush you see copied everywhere, but theirs are special!


They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - for kids, for your bag, in regular, and you can also get ones with nylon bristles (MP brushes generally have boar bristle as standard). They're not cheap - the smallest one retails at €38 and prices increase from there. I think they're probably worth it, and they'll last years to boot. Plus they have a lovely retro charm, and if you're not gone on the original wood then you'll be glad to hear you can get them with coloured handles too.

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