GHD release New Purple Styler Set in time for De Chrissmisss


Well it's Tuesday, which naturally means that GHD must be releasing yet another special edition of their Mark IV straightener. 

Anyways, just incase there's anyone left in the world who's in the market for a GHD or is maybe looking for gift ideas, purple is the colour of choice this time around - for the plates 'n' all  - and the styler's emblazoned with a paisley pattern. There's also a matching heat resistant bag, purple travel hairdryer, and two sectioning clips as part of the set, which is priced at €203.75 on HQhair.

And would you believe it - they are flippin' sold out! Don't panic, now: if you simply must get your mitts on this purple kit, you can stick a pre-order in now and have your name down in time for their next delivery, which is due in this week. Phew!


UPDATE: You can save yourself nearly a fiver and do your bit for the economy by shopping locally - these sets are available now in Peter Mark salons across the land for €199.

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