Glittering, Sparkling Christmas Preparations #1 - Lush Ballistics

Lush Ballistics

For deliciously scented sparkling pre-party pamering, you just can't beat Lush. I intend to definitely invest in some Christmas Party Bath Ballistics (left). They contain iridescent glitter, mixed confetti bright stars, and gardenia extract. MmmMmmm! The Twinkle Bath Ballistic (3rd left) is another pre-party must have - it's got gorgeous ingredients like clary sage and vanilla, and a bit of the auld iridescent gltter thrun in there as well for good measure.

Now, you might not want to try this one just before you go out, but for a complete glittery Christmas experience from morning to night, you could give the Golden Slumbers Bath Ballistic (2nd left) a go. It contains relaxing ingredients like lavender and neroli oil, and for that bit of glam, it's also got golden lustre sparkle.

This one really takes the cake (cake, wha', geddit?) - it looks like a pudding, it smells like a pudding but it's actually Lush's Puddy Holly Bath Ballistic (right). It definitely doesn't get more festive bathwise than this. Just don't try and eat it!


Bath ballistics are usually about €4.50 a pop and are available from Lush branches and online.

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