Glittering, Sparkling Makeup: Givenchy Lash Pearls

lash pearlsCHRIST! I need to own this product, I'm a-quiver just writing about it. You rarely get innovation in makeup these days - everything is 'improved' or 'reformulated', so this is genuinely exciting.

Givenchy Lash Pearls is a little bottle of fabulous liquid which you dot on to the end of your lashes. It then dries to form tiny little sparkly jewels on your lash tips!!

!!! and a few more !!!


If this isn't a must-have for Christmas then I don't know what is. Get it at Arnotts, Debenhams in the Jervis Centre (Dublin) or House of Fraser in Dundrum. It's $22 or €14.50 - so my guess is that it will be approx four hundred million euro.

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