Glittering, Sparkling Makeup: Shu Uemura False Eyelashes

Dear Fans of the Glitz,

I am sorry I didn't get an entry up yesterday, I was too intent on getting up items about perfumes and actually doing work I am paid to do etc. Here's one for you now though, and the fab site has some other great glittery suggestions too.

We've pretty much covered all the glitter and sparkle you could fit on one face, so I've been saving these up for a while. They're Shu Uemura's FANTASTIC false eyelashes. You can get them in all sorts of wonderful varieties, but for Christmas I'm most interested in the Classic Diamante ones. They're lashes with a with a silver diamante strip up at the lashline and will give your peepers a gorgeous catch-the-light twinkle.



The Dazzling Diamante ones (above) ramp this effect up even further and will give you your fullest set of lashes ever, plus major glitzy sparkle. OoooOOooh. Where can they be purchased? Nue Blue Eriu in Dublin is your best bet Ladies (and drag queens) as they're the only Irish stockist of Shu Uemura products. Unfortunately, I've no real idea how much they'd retail for here, save that they cost $25 in the States.

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