Gone, But Not Forgotten: What Beauty Brands do You Miss?

producys I miss

Tis a sad auld state of affairs when a beauty brand either disappears forever or pulls its distribution from Irish shores. We were pretty feckin' delighted to see Stila back at Boots in Liffey Valley recently but for every brand that comes back - Shu Uemura's due in Brown Thomas Dublin at the end of August - there are others that we have to say RIP to, like Prescriptives (sniff), Pout (super-duper sniffle) which simply don't exist anymore and others like Dianne Brill and Becca which pull out of the Irish market (though you can still get Becca on the Mise Beauty website) leaving us with no easy means to buy.


They're the ones I miss the most. What about you - got the gra for a particular brand or product that's no more and which has left you bereft? Tell us all about it in a comment!

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