Gross beauty treatment #409: Nightingale poo facials

bird_crap.jpgThe last time I saw someone with bird crap on their face it was in school. The avenue up to our school was tree lined and full to the brim with birds, squirrels and all forms of wildlife. So, picture the scene. Running from the bus, up the avenue, late for assembly and...

...Shock and Awe where are ya! Evil bird took aim and fired, his aim sure and true. All over my mate, her face, her hair, down her neck... We tried not to laugh - honest. All day long everyone reassured her that it was good luck. Good luck yeah right.

Anyway imagine my surprise to learn that people actually PAY to get bird crap smeared all over their faces. All in the name of beautiful skin of course. The geisha used to get it done to keep their skin flawless. Then they'd plaster it in thick white makeup, but anyway.

Nightingale dropping facials are making something of a comeback however. Yes indeedy. Nightingales are actually kept in farms for this very purpose. Their er droppings are "collected", dried, powdered, sanitised, mixed with aromatherapy oils and flown to high end salons around the world. Especially in LA for example.


By the hokey. Give me a good aul Dermalogica facial any day of the week I think.

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