Hair Help! Can Dry, Brittle Hair Look Straight & Smooth?


Question: No matter what I do, I can't get my weak hair to look perfectly straight and I can never get rid of the frizz. I'm afraid that I am going to be stuck with dry looking, brittle hair forever; is there any way for me to achieve straight, smooth hair?


Answer: Smooth, straight, flowing locks don't have to be an dream, not when TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner and TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment are on shelves nationwide. Achieving a Rapunzel worthy mane (although perhaps not quite as long) is possible when you follow these two simple steps.

  • Step 1

Wash hair normally with TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. The special formula in the shampoo and conditioner improves smoothness for up to seven days as they moisturise and condition your hair. These hard working products don't weigh your hair down, in fact you hair's natural movement and style still shine through- literally.






  • Step 2

Apply TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment to damp hair. Unlike other heat protection sprays that only protect against the heat, Thermal Technology in the 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment works with the heat of your straighteners to produce a sleek style. You don't even have to use it every time you style your hair as it lasts up to three washes, leaving you with less frizz and with more control. 



TOP TIP: For a straight style that will last all day and night, blow dry your hair again after straightening with the drier set to the lowest heat setting. Remember to point your drier downwards and use a brush to guide it. Give it a quick blast with some hair spray and there you go!

  • TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Shampoo 250ml - €8.99
  • TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Conditioner 250ml - €8.99
  • TRESemmé 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment 120ml - €9.99

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