The new hairbrush you didn't know you needed

Hairbrushes can make or break our styling routines. There's a new kid on the block that promises to be a game changer.

Hair brushes can come in as many varieties and price brackets as makeup brushes do. They all have their designs and purpose for different hair types whether you have long, short, curly, full or fine hair. From round, barrel brushes that give added volume to paddle brushes for protecting lengths, the choice available is pretty much endless.

So, when a new hairbrush landed on our desk, we thought - how is this different? Well, for a start, it's from one of our favourite brands Tangleteezer. Up until now, their easily portable hairbrushes have been a staple in our bags. But their latest launch* is a little bit different.

The new style

The new hair brush is actually a step into more conventional design for Tangleteezer as it features a traditional handle. This gives it a slightly different feel when you're using it.


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Gently detangle your wet hair without tugging and pulling with The Wet Detangler hairbrush #WeAreDetangling ?: @amyhelennewell

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As per their namesake this does combat tangles easily and doesn't pull or drag your hair at all. But what makes it different to both its predecessors and others on the market, is that it's designed to be used on wet hair.



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Unlike other hairbrushes, our Wet Detangler detangles with no pulling, tugging or snagging! ?

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We've been trialing it in the shower and found it's fantastic for brushing through conditioning treatments. One quick sweep and it's all evenly distributed from root to tip. Then, once it's washed out, another quick brush and you're tangle free and ready for styling.

Do you like the look of this too? Or are we just easily pleased?




*The new Wet Detangler brush is available for €15 from selected stockists now. 

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