These are the best foods to keep your hair shiny and healthy

Shiny hair is something that always looks healthy and youthful. There's an easy way to achieve it, too. Just snack your way to luscious locks!

Shiny hair is something that we'd all love. It goes hand in hand with a glowing complexion. Keeping our hair strong and healthy is an important part of any beauty routine as we know. But between bleaching, colouring and regular heat styling, it's easy for our hair to get off track... and land up in fuzz-ville.

Good quality haircare can make a world of difference, especially if you struggle with taming your mane. Also, if you're considering growing out a style. But for truly healthy, shiny hair, you can help it along by snacking on the right foods.

Here are the top foods for strong, shiny hair.

Chia Seeds


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These tiny seeds are packed with Omega-3 which helps to give hair lustre and shine.



Full of vitamins and minerals, eggs help to keep hair strong while growing thanks to being rich in biotin (which you might see as a listed ingredient on your shampoo too!).


Another great source of Omega-3, salmon also contains vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D which helps to prevent against breakages and damage to hair.


Lentils contain protein and folic acid which help to oxygenate the blood. Improved scalp circulation means better cell renewal and in turn, faster growing, healthier, shiny hair.


Will you be snacking your way to healthier hair?

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