Trick or Treat: Halloween Make-Up


The young whippersnapping childer of today don't even know they're borned, what with the shop-bought outfits that they do be parading around in for the Halloween. We all remember when a big bin bag with holes cut out for your arms and your noggin and last year's mask or - if you were dead lucky - your sister's old witch's hat was the standard garb, God be with the days. While I was always scared witless of bangers and fireworks, I used to love getting dressed up for Halloween (even if it was only in a black sack and a plastic Droopy Dog mask) and it wouldn't take very much twisting of my rubber arm to get me to go to a fancy dress party any night of the year.

If you're going to such an Evint this evening, make an effort to tie your make-up in with your costume to really set the whole thing off. No use at all being dressed up as a vampire if your slap is all bronzed fabulousness, like. I was at a party last year where one of the girls was absolutely beautifully kitted out as a geisha but had neglected to do her face accordingly which I thought was pure mental: imagine the fun of making yourself up as a geisha!!!

There are absolutely oodles of online how-tos and tutorials if you're looking for inspiration, like MAC's 2008 Halloween Looks,'s archive of MAC Looks from past Halloweens, or the video guides on You Tube, some of which are fan-feckin-tastic altogether - I especially like this sexy red-eyed vampire look and this Corpse Bride-inspired look. The top tip seems to be to lightly buff a white eyeshadow over your lightest full-coverage foundation to achieve a flawless and slightly spooky pale base, but use a light touch to avoid any caking. You could also put your can of Batiste to good use if you're after grey granny hair.


Have you any Halloween make-up tips that you'd like to share with the class?

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