7 reasons why you need to steal this product from the beauty pro's kit

There's a common misconception about this product. Some believe it is simply a setting spray to hold your makeup in place for longer. However, this little beauty is another multi-use product but one that not a lot of people know what to actually do with.

So what exactly is MAC Fix + Spray and why is is so great for a kit?



Here are all the tasks this little bottle can do:

  • You can use it dampen your sponge
  • Use it to refresh the skin before moisturiser which will help the skin absorb moisturiser more effectively
  • It's great for cleaning under the eye or just for touch ups in general
  • It's full of antioxidants including caffeine which peps up tired skin - it's actually amazing to keep in the fridge and spray on your face when you're hungover tired
  • It finishes makeup beautifully, removing all caked and powdery finish.
  • It's fantastic for removing cake eyeliner

I love the fact that it's moisturising but is still non-sticky unlike other fixing sprays on the market.

Are there any superstar products you have that you couldn't live without? Let us know by commenting below!

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