What is the best way to apply blusher?

Applying blusher isn't as easy as swiping it across your cheeks. Here, Aisling shows how it should be done.

Blusher can completely transform and change our face in an instant. When used correctly it can create a healthy-looking flush, subtle definition and a youthful appearance. But it can also make you look flushed, or even worse, like Aunt Sally if it's not applied properly.

So how do you apply blusher?

First thing's first, make sure that you choose the right colour.

For fair or pale skin choose peach or pale toned shades. A bright colour on a pale skin tone will have a much bigger impact.

For olive toned skin types, choose an orangy-peach or rich bronze, you could choose a rose-tone if you are looking for more impact.


Watch this quick video on exactly how to:

The texture is next. This can be determined by your skin type and the finish you would like to achieve. Gel and cream based formulas are best for a drier skin type. Powder formulas are easier to blend and can be drying, so they're best on a normal or oily skin.


With powders, use a tapered slanted fluffy brush; with gels and creams, you can use a flat synthetic brush or your fingers.

Colour placement is the last thing to be aware of. Where you place the colour will determine the overall effect the blusher. Are you looking for a lift or to brighten your skin? Or is it definition that you want?

For brightening, apply your blusher like a Nike tick from your cheek right back towards your upper ear. For definition, you want to apply under the cheekbone upwards towards the ear.

And there you have it. Perfectly applied blush.

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