How to apply your foundation like a pro

The application process of applying your foundation is as important as finding the right product. Here is how you can apply foundation like a pro.

The first thing you need to take into account is that your skin is like a giant sponge. If it's dehydrated at all it will absorb whatever product you put on it. The majority of us are dehydrated especially in this country as we tend to drink more tea than water.

Aside from making the switch from tea to water, what you need to focus on is skin hydration. Even if you are oily your skin can be dehydrated so finding the right moisturiser is important.

There is a magic combination when it comes to prepping your face for foundation and that's a moisturiser, primer, foundation and setting spray. I'll explain the process below, but first watch this video to help you see exactly how to apply foundation like me, the pro!



  1. Usually, two pumps of the foundation is more than enough. Start by applying it down the centre of the face.
  2. Choosing your brush, sponge or fingers is important. It will define what outcome you get. A flat brush will give you a full coverage finish, a stipple brush will give you an airbrushed finish, a sponge will give you a more natural yet long-wearing finish.
  3. Blend from the centre of the face outwards towards the sides. It's always best to start with less foundation and build it up slowly than too much.
  4. Make sure to blend down the jawline especially if your neck and face are different colours.

If you're not sure what foundation shade you should be wearing, see my guide to how to colour match your foundation.

We have loads of helpful makeup and beauty tutorials coming up; let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in particular.

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