Is it really necessary to wear an SPF under your foundation?

The biggest factor of ageing to the skin is UVA and UVB damage. Understanding what an SPF does is so important and to know if you should you wear an SPF under your foundation?

YES, is the answer. You really should wear an SPF under your foundation. It's not just important in the summer months to stop you from getting burned. It's protecting you from UVA and UVB rays which are a huge factor in sun damage, ageing and can contribute to cancers.

When it comes to sun factor, the number beside the SPF is the time you are protected multiplied by your natural skin burning time. For example, if you naturally burn in the midday sun in 10 mins and you wear an SPF 30 you are protected for 300 minutes.

The factor level when mixed with your foundation can dilute the SPF. So, even if your makeup contains an SPF, the short answer is yes, you should still wear an SPF under your foundation. There are many different types of SPFs and some don't protect against the UVA or UVB rays.

Here is a quick video explanation


Some things to note when choosing an SPF

  1. Use a lightweight formula. SPFs, especially factor 50s, can be cosmogenic so if your skin is of the oily type it can cause breakouts.
  2. The higher factors can also be a heavier texture making it hard to blend your foundation. There is very little difference between a factor 30 and a factor 50. If 50 doesn't sit well on your skin, a 30 will do just as well.
  3. Try different formulas for different skin types. If you are oily, go with a gel-based formula and if you are dry go for something heavier.
  4. It can replace your primer. When the skin is hydrated, its half the battle, so finding a smoothly textured SPF can give you the perfect base for your foundation application to be flawless.

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