Hold the Hype: Cult Classics You Love to Hate

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Reading Townygirl's recent comment that some of her pals gets suckered into buying make-up and skincare by breathless advertising hyperbole, I sagely and more than a little sadly nodded my head.

We've all been there, haven't we? Oh sure, as we get a bit older and (hopefully) a bit wiser, we tend to take the sometimes spectacular claims with a hefty barrel of salt and cast a jaundiced eye over those beauty awards yokes, relying instead on personal recommendations from mates and honest reviews from fabilis websites (hemm hemm), but I defy even the most sensible among you to tell me that you've never succumbed to the odd bit of hype.

So what I want to know is this, ladies: what must-have, much-hyped or cult products have you hyperventilated about, bought, and subsequently been bitterly disappointed by?


Maybe Touche Éclat makes you spit "highlighter me hole, I'd be better off with a fluoro yellow felt-tipped Faber number." Maybe you think Essie nail varnishes should be consigned to a black hole in the furthest reaches of the universe. Maybe Crème de la Mer brought you out in a weeping red rash. Or made your eyebrows fall off. Or just did nothing at all for you, surely the worst indictment of something you've been desperately lemming.

Do tell!

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