Holly Willoughby's bare-faced selfie will make you want to ditch makeup for good

If you follow Holly Willoughby's Instagram, you will know she's a huge fan of the split screen. Every second image is Holly looking lovely - twice. Speckled in between her mirror-image snaps are random shots: a selfie with a pal, Holly with some sweet treats, Holly in a magazine.

It's a nice 'n' wholesome Insta account, but her latest post has caused quite the stir. Why? Why, it's Holly without makeup!

Look at her there, baring her beautiful face, wow! Freckles and all.


A photo posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on


Holly is one of those celebs who is probably as nice in real life as her Instagram account suggests and dammit but she can post a pic of her un-made up face and look stunning. And you know what, so she should.

If you want to be inspired by a celeb's look, it should be something like this. Or Adele's, or any other healthy looking celeb who doesn't feel the need to be camera-ready the whole time.

Are we entering a new dawn of fresh-faced fabulousness?

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