How to flick your eyeliner UP: unfreeze your credit card it's still good for something

Now I've not gone telly mad lately. Well ok I have - my past few posts have been obsessed with the X Factor, The Model Scouts and yet more X Factor. It's the combination of cold weather and the sheer hilarity and mindlessness of the Winter Telly franchises that are doing it.

And lest The Apprentice feel left out in the cold I have an observation there too. We have quite a few observations on The Apprentice every year - from this year's hooker shoes, to the state of Joanna's foundation and the possibility of Bill and Jackie fragrance launches.

This time though my attention was drawn to Nagaite.

I could see what she was trying to do with her eyeliner - achieve a nice liquid liner flick. But it wasn't working - her eyeliner drags her eye line down and makes her look droopy eyed. And I have the same kind of eye shape so I knew from bitter experience how to fix it.


Drawing a line straight across your eyelid won't work if your eyes naturally turn down.  Instead you need to draw the flick straight up towards your eyebrow, before your lash line starts to turn down.  Unfortunately if you have eyes like mine you're never going to be a sloe eyed beauty - but you can still draw a pretty good flick and one that will wake up your eyes instead of dragging them down.

And if you're worried about getting the line right just use a credit card as a ruler.

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