How To: Use Gel Eyeliner

smashboxLiquid liner can be a bit of a bone of contention - it can be difficult to use and depending on the brand you buy, the brushes differ all over the shop. Each new one you get can involve a whole new learning process, and that puts people off.

And then gel liner is a whole other ball game again. Bobbi Brown and MAC both make gorgeous gel liners that come in little pots, and which are actually a great product to use if you find liquid liner hard to get to grips with. The formulation is solid and creamy and it's easier to apply and work with than liquids. The problem with gel liner though, is that you do need a proper brush to put it on with.

I've just found the absolute perfect brush. It's by Smashbox and it's their Arced Liner Brush #21. And it is fantastic. It just sits perfectly into the eye and makes drawing lines and cats eye flicks an absolute cinch. I'm LOVING it. The special head gets the brush in at just the right angle and the hair itself is good and firm, and creates perfect lines with no drag.


If you're a fan of liner, liquid or otherwise, this will be a brilliant addition to your kit. Buy from Smashbox stockists for about €20+.

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