I need a new blusher stat: rate your faves!

I'm pretty hard on makeup.  It gets chucked in my bag to bash around with what ever else is in there at the time, dropped on the ground to shatter on bathroom tiles, and in more than one instance dropped down the jacks.

And I'm too lazy to go in for repair jobs - but if you want to save a favourite product read this how to on repairing shattered blusher and eyeshadow.

So this latest atrocity is commonplace.  I'm just sickened it happened to my favourite blusher, Sugarbomb.


Now Benefit doesn't have the right packaging for handbag cruelty anyway.  The cardboard can't stand up to much abuse and for that reason you're better off leaving your Benefit on your dressing table.  But can I do that?  As Bet Lynch used to say in all her leopard print glory "can I heck as like".

So as you can see I'm in the market for a new blusher.   What are you using and loving right now - rate your faves in the comments!

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