I Sat on my Shades: Bourjois 3D Max Lipgloss to The Rescue!

bourjouis glasses

Ah, now isn't this a fortuitous bit of Beaut.ienomics? I've managed to banjax yet another pair of shades - this is why I never buy expensive ones, because I always sit on/forget/trap in doorframe/stand on them - and then I get word that from June 24th, Bourjois are running a Rather Good Promotion.

Spend over €15 on any Bourjois products, and you'll bag a free pair of shades like the ones up there in that'thar picture. It's an Ireland-only exclusive to celebrate the launch of the brand's new Effet 3D Max lipgloss, €11.99, a product so packed full of new fandangos and gizmos, I'm going to turn you over to Bourjois to explain:

By completely reinventing the formula and applicator, a new lipgloss shines out! Maximum impact and maximum volume (up to 33 % of extra brightness), this radiant gloss links a new 3D texture boosted with brightness micro-activators, and a new generation applicator.


Right so! Available in six bright shades, these will be on-counter from mid-june, with the promotion beginning on the 24th, and running until the 21st July.

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