Ireland: spa island extraordinaire

(Image from Muckross Park Cloisters Spa)

It's so true. The Sunday Business Post reported on this phenomenon yesterday and I wholeheartedly agree. Ireland is becoming a spa destination to rival anywhere in ze world.

Last week in Thailand, I took some time out from lazing by the pool to have a few treatments. The hotel had a Banyan Tree run Angsana spa which I was dying to try.

A couple of hours later I rejoined the husband on the loungers. "Well" he said "What did you think?"


"It was okay" I said "Grand, you know. I've had better at home".

"You're just spoiled at this stage" he said laughing.

And I am spoiled, by Irish spas. They use all the best treatments and ranges, they handpick the best therapies and techniques and have great surroundings. The level of competition is very high so they're constantly revising their treatment menus and ranges. Which is all good news for us, the consumer!

So tell us what Irish spas do you long to return to, or aspire to visit?

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