Is it Fergielicious or not? Black Eyed Peas Singer Launches Fragrance, Outspoken

fergie to launch outspoken perfume

So, today's news is that Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie's joining the ranks of celebrity perfumers and she's got a new scent incoming shortly. A quick 140-characters-or-less message to Twitter to inform the masses of this ground-breaking news met with a few alternate names for her new spritz - which will land in June, and which is actually called Outspoken.

That's not gonna cut the mustard for any one of our followers who variously dubbed it, G.L.A.M.O.R.P.I.S.S., Ferga-pissious!, eau de ho, Black Eyed Pee (my favourite), l'incontinence, neglect, Boom Boom Eewww! and don't call me Stacey bitch.

The  scent itself is touted as a fruity floral that's 'intoxicating and sensual', with notes of iced berry (hmm),  tuberose and jasmine (sounds ok), all on a base of racy black leather (Oh).


Right so.

Outspoken will cost €18 for 30ml and can be had from your local Avon rep.

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