iWhite: Light Activated Teeth Whitening Technology


There are lots of home whitening jobbies doing the rounds at the moment, but this one is a bit unique. Called iWhite, it looks like a fairly standard gumshield-stylee kit, yeh? So far, so normal.

However, this system doesn't involve having a gel or a paste in the groove of the tray, as that's (a) messy and (b) inclined to drip down the back of your throat - gagalicious! Instead, iWhite uses fuss-free whitening foam strips to ensure close contact with teeth. It also mimics the intense blue light that dentists use to speed up the whitening process, as ElectroLuminescence technology embedded in the tray pulses light into the foam strips to accelerate whitening. Cooooooooooool.


€49 + €10 shipping from iWhite.be

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