Japanese beauty's best kept secret

Whilst chatting to some beauty industry insiders the other day (oh get me eh!) I heard something absolutely incredible.

We're all used to hearing about Japanese women and their crazy approach to beauty. But this kind of takes it to the next level.

Apparently Japanese women spend an extremely long time on their beauty routine in the mornings. About two hours in fact. No one could ever understand why.

Yes, they were cleansing, they were toning, then they might be cleansing again. They were moisturising, they were applying a meticulous face of slap.

But still - two hours?


The secret was finally revealed when cameras were placed in the bathrooms of women taking part in a skincare trial (with their consent of course).

Japanese women shave their faces. Their whole faces. Their cheeks, their foreheads. Even their eyelids. They hate any kind of facial "fluff" or fuzz to ruin their porcelain doll complexions.

Why weren't we told this before? asked the skincare company of their Japanese staff. It's not something that's ever spoken of, they were told. It's an intensely private thing.

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