Just Browsing: Lets Talk The Hairy Issue of Brow Hair Loss


I am more than a little obsessed with my eyebrows. So much so I own about 78 tweezers, I obsessively check their progress in any mirror I come across, pluck daily and I have been known to draw blood trying to get teeny-tiny little hairs out of their follicles.

But two things have happened recently that have helped to curb my crazy. Number one is the fact that I have caused some pigmentation damage to the skin on one brow as a result of over plucking and poking at the skin there.

The other is the horrid fact that as we age, our oestrogen production diminishes, and hair thins. It's a bit of a salutory lesson, this: so many women over-pluck in their 20s and 30s and by the time they're hitting their 40s and 50s, the hair they plucked for so long just never comes back. Add that to a natural loss of volume in hair on the brows and you can imagine what happens.


Yep. No-brows. Never a good look.

Now, there are other things I can do to help my brows out:  I could brush a lash conditioner/enhancer through them daily (thinking about this one, for sure), I could get them tattooed (er, no thanks) or I could keep up plucking to my hearts content and just draw them back in again with product daily, a la Cher from X-Factor. But I'd rather keep my own little brow hairs intact if possible.

Is this something you're worried about too? Share your browmazing product recs and tips and tricks in the comments!

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