Just Got Paid Today, Got me a Pocket Full of Change

The bills are paid, the credit card has had a few quid thrown at it to keep it quiet for another month, and I have some spare cash burning a hole in my pocket. I'm itching to buy some new bits and bobs. So what's on my wishlist?

Betsey Johnson's Betseyville cosmetic bags
I've been drooling over these in Brown Thomas recently, they're trashy-gorgeous. I think prices start from about €25.

betsey johnson cosmetic bags

Gisele Scanlon's new book - The Goddess Guide
'The Goddess Guide' uncovers the secrets of living an unforgettable and desirable life. All things divine in urban hangouts and rural retreats are revealed, as lifestyle trends are demystified for women left bewildered by the departure of Sex and the City. Right, well I'm not bewildered by the departure of SATC but I do like the thought of living an unforgettable and desirable life alright! Now where's my credit card...? UPDATE EDIT! I've just had a goo at this in Easons and the cover is FLOCKED! Fancy-tastic!

goddess guide

Nars duo eyeshadow in Demon Lover
Totally perfect for this seasons purple eyes. Nars shadows are just lovely - chock full of pigment and I really love the packaging too - the containers are slightly rubberised. Saucy!

nars shadow

Diane Von Furstenburg's Glamazonian Compact
Available for a surprisingly reasonable €39 from Nue Blue Eriu in Dublin. Look at the pretty colours! I'm not usually a big fan of compacts but this one I would make an exception for, oh yes.

 glamazonian compact

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