Kate Moss's top beauty tip will work and won't cost you a cent

I love Kate Moss. She cannot be tamed by anyone, even the beauty brand she's working with.

Kate Moss is the new face of Decorté, a Japanese brand I had never heard of, even though it's been around for 45 years. It's a luxury brand, where the cheapest item is a £28 foundation case (on the UK Selfridges site, the most expensive product is a cream that costs £950) - so that's probably why it's been off my radar. Anyway, thanks to Kate, who apparently has been a massive fan for years.

In an interview with Elle about the collaboration, though, her very first answer was a beauty tip that's free now the water charges have been done away with. In fact, if you're due a refund, Irish Water is actually paying you to look good. She said, "The ice plunge is the best trick I've learnt. Fill a sink or a bowl with ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber and hold your face in for as long as you can, it instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up your skin." OK, so you'll have to buy a cucumber, but you probably had one in your fridge anyway.


The brand has just launched in the UK, so if you're heading over for a weekend away, maybe skip the show and pick up one or two of Kate's favourite bits in Selfridges instead. She likes the Decorte Meliority range at nighttime and the Slim & Firm masks on flights.

And don't let Rimmel hear her, but she wears the makeup too; the Soft Powder Foundation and bronzer.

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