Katy Perry goes back to blonde: Smurfette would not be impressed

katy perry

Let me start by saying: I love Katy Perry.  I think she is gorgeous and I was possibly the only person in the world that stuck up for her during her terrible Firework performance on the X Factor last year.

But this hair.  I'm sorry Katy.  I'm really sorry.  It's DISGUSTING.

I'm sure by now you've seen photos of Katy Perry and her new brassy blonde locks.  There were hints for ages that she was going to strip the dark colour from her hair and return to her natural fair colour - but when she did it I was mouth agape at the sheer horribleness of it.

She's a natural blonde anyway but this colour isn't remotely close to anything nature intended.  I've never seen anything suit anyone less.  The colour is like something you'd do yourself by dipping your head in a tub of bleach and then run crying to the hairdresser, begging her to fix it.  It's a solid block of yellow and looks as though it would survive a nuclear holocaust.  While everything else withers and dies, civilizations are blown to dust and mankind is wiped from the earth, Katy Perry's hair of extreme awfulness will endure.

It's actually amazing that they let her out in public with this hair.  It's the first step in stripping the colour I know, but surely she could have worn a wig (like this yummy blue one) until it all calmed down?  Her makeup is too harsh and is just not suiting the hair whatsoever.  What. So. Ever.  It's more Miss Piggy than glamourous Smurfette.  A few highlights to lighten it up would go a long way to making everything a sit a little easier - maybe - but for now I just want her to go back to black



Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less?  Tell us in a comment!

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Pic credits: fashionfame.com; newyork.ibtimes.com

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