This key skincare ingredient is vital to your beauty regime

This should be a key skincare ingredient for pretty much everybody.

Vitamin C is not just for colds! It plays a key role in collagen synthesis. We are always harping on about collagen but only because it's what keeps everything tight. When collagen stores begin to deplete our faces begin to drop! The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis which has notable anti-ageing and smoothing effects on the skin. Are you starting to see why this might be a key skincare ingredient?

Its second key role in keeping everyone beautiful is its ability to reduce redness in the skin and brighten our complexion. Most people will have a touch of redness showing through their skin. Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory so it calms the redness and evens out skintone. It can even help to even out acne scarring or pigmentation in the skin. Vitamin C naturally protects our skin from free radicals that attack it every day. Using a vitamin C based product will have anti-oxident benefits and reduce the redness caused by the harsh environment we live in.

Finally, it's extremely hydrating and everyone -bar nobody, needs to keep their skin hydrated. You can incorporate Vitamin C into your diet as well as using a topical product to feed it from the outside. Here are two of our favourite Vitamin C products to have in your cupboard.

Kiehls powerful line reducing concentrate key skincare ingredient


Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate €56


face washes VITAL-C-hydrating-facial-cleanser presentImage Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser €31.95

Do you look for specific ingredients in your skincare products?

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