Kids Halloween makeup ideas for last minute invites

Kids Halloween makeup isn't always easy to pull off at short notice. We've got some quick and easy ideas for the social butterfly that has more than one party to go to!

Kids halloween makeup has to be quick, and easy. Rarely have I ever met a child who wants to sit for any longer than they have to to have their face painted. After all, there are far more important things to attend to (such as playing with trains, in the case of my nephew!). No one wants to be recycling the same costume time and time again, so if your little one has changed their mind more times than you can count in the past few weeks, here are some last minute ideas to try.

The Mummy

This is the kind of look you could pull together quickly with some face paints and a few euros spent on some bandages from a pharmacy. The key element is the pale skin, hollowed look in eyes and cheekbones.



Another last minute wonder. Simply mis-match clothes, add a hat and then add some finishing touches with some face paint (or eyeliner and lipstick). Voila! You have a scarecrow.

Mini Vampire


There's nothing that says Halloween quite like a vampire. The pointed hair line makes all the difference here, as of course does a little trickle of blood.

What are you kids dressing up for this Halloween?

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