Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween can be a bit of a love or loath holiday. There are some that go all out and then others that leave the house in darkness and don't answer the door on Halloween night.

But if you are somewhere in between the majority you may for work or for pleasure want to get in the spirt, but just a little.

A different take on halloween is to try a halloween hairstyle. Easy, different and effective.

Here are some of our favourites-ย 

Zip it

You may have seen the effects you can try with a zip and some fake blood on your face but have you ever thought about how it could look in your hair?

Apply the same way and you can even add some braids for an even more dramatic effect.

Spooky skeletons


This is really quick and easy hair style but it looks so unique and effective. We love it. Use a Bobbi pin or a hair tie to keep the skeletons in place.

Frightening fingers

Another spooky but fun idea is to add some small skeleton hands/fingers to your clips. Pop them in your hair and add that halloween spooky feel to the easiest of hairstyles.

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Spider webs

Similarly to the above adding some fake spiders and even some fake spider webs to a bun and you have achieved an easy but super spooky halloween hair style that everyone will be admiring.


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